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New Connection
Change of Name
Name Correction
Shifting of Meter
Shifting of Meter Cabin
Meter Cabin Revamping
Change of Tariff Category
Extension of Load
Reduction of Load
Single Phase to Three Phase Meter
Contract Demand Reduction
Contract Demand Enhancement

Bill Analyser
Compare Energy Rates
Changeover of Supply
Switchover of Supply
Power Factor Correction
Smart Homes

Temp Construction Supply Meter
Turnkey Electrical Projects
Upgradation of Existing Electrical Systems
AMC of Electrical Systems
ASC of Electrical Systems
AMC of APFC Panels
ASC of APFC Panels
Obtaining Statutory Approvals – Utility
Obtaining Statutory Approvals – PWD

Installation of Solar Net Meter
Solar Rooftop installation – OPEX Model
Solar Rooftop installation – CAPEX Model
Solar Rooftop Maintenance (AMC)

Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Point
Getting New Connection
Getting Tariff appproval from Utility
Setting-up of EV Charging Stations
Commissioning of Electrical System for EV Charging

Temp Supply for Exhibition
DG Set on-Hire
Obtaining Statutory Permission for Exhibition

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