Fair Bill

Lower your residential & Commercial electricity bill with Connectriq’s FairBill. We analyse, compare and recommend you the Best Saving options viz. Compare electric prices & switch, eliminate penalties and Smart electrical fittings.

Let’s lower your Electricity Bill !

Compare Energy Rates

If you live in Mumbai Suburban area, you can choose your electricity provider. This means savvy consumers in Mumbai Suburban area may be able to shave money off their electricity bills. All you need to do is, with Fairbill assess your approximate electricity consumption and compare electricity tariff offer by different electricity providers.

Changeover / Switchover of Supply

Now you to change / switch your electricity provider at your comfort. But, whether you should really changeover / switchover? We help choose your electricity provided wisely.

Eliminates kVArh Units

As per MERC Order in Case no. 195 of 2017 dated September 12, 2018, The Commission intends to implement kVAh billing to all HT consumer and LT consumers having load above 20 kW from 1st April, 2020. In kVAh based billing, fixed/ demand charges are levied on apparent power (kVA) and energy charges are levied on apparent energy (kVAh).

It’s a Smart move to eliminate kVArh (reactive power) and lower your electricity bill.

Eliminate KVARH units using our kVAr Control panel today !

Smart Homes

We help you discover & install the best technology for your home and save electricity & in turn save on electricity bill

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